Get in touch with us! The best way to reach us will be by email, but we will also have WhatsApp, Skype, and local sim cards. Since we'll be using local sim cards, our current phone numbers won't work (except on WhatsApp). Don't call or text them. 

Skype Usernames: akrupp10, nkmorris10
Skype Phone Numbers: Use these American-based phone numbers to call us whenever you'd like (fo' free!). If we happen to have internet access, we'll be able to answer. You should also be able to leave a voicemail, but let us know if that doesn't work -- we're still working out the kinks. As far as we know, though, you can't text or WhatsApp us here.
          Alex: +1.347.274.8728
          Cole: +1.347.748.1508
iMessage and FaceTime: You should be able to iMessage and FaceTime us using our apple IDs -,
WhatsApp: Original American phone numbers (email us if you don't have these)
Local Sim Cards: We will update these as we travel to different countries. It's more expensive to call us here (so use your Skype account if you do!), but it is the best way to reach us if we don't have internet access.
          Alex French Polynesia (good thru May 8th): TBD
          Cole French Polynesia (good thru May 8th): TBD